Choosing Right Hair Removal Method According To Hair Type

Fine Hairs

  • Bleaching is the best option for fine hairs, it will not get rid of the hair, but it will make it less visible.
  • Threading is used for fine hairs on facial hair, however, it's hard to find a professional practitioner outside large cities.
  • Laser or IPL treatment is not a good option because of less melanin.
    Ruby Laser 694nm has been around for a long time and is recommended for light or fine hair with fair complexions.
    Alexandrite 755nm is quite effective removing fine hairs with light to olive complexions.
  • Electrolysis often takes longer on fine hairs, because it's harder to locate the follicle and shallow roots make it more likely you'll get skin damage.
  • Rotary Epilators, Waxing and Shaving may be hard to use on these hairs.
Choosing Right Hair Reduction Ways According To Hair Type

Gray, Blonde, Red Hair

It does not contain any melanin, therefore, there are any effectiveness to remove or reduce hair by the traditional laser or IPL.

  • RF Of ELOS Laser - ELOS is the first and only technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of both bi-polar Radio Frequency (RF) and optical energy (either Laser or IPL). It's claim to fame is that ELOS has proven to be able to provide long term hair reduction for all skin and hair types including tanned. The Syneron ELOS Systems based laser had USA FDA approved and the only laser which removes white, blonds, redheads or grey hair also. However, some clinical report that it is not 100% successful, lighter hairs still persist, about 60% of light hair was removed after 8 to 9 treatments.
  • Ultrasonic Seen as a breakthrough technology, the Ultrasonic use pure ultrasound to remove all hair colours permanently and is ideal for removing hair on sensitive or pigmented areas such as eye brows, ears, nose, nipple, upper lip, etc.
    However, It's All Over! In 2013, Applisonix Disappeared From The Market! Their website is no longer in operation and all promotional material has been removed from the web.

Dark Hairs

  • These are ideal for Laser Hair Removal.
  • Bleaching dark hairs is a better option.
  • Shaving and Cream Depilatories are not be suggested because of still visible under the skin.

Choosing The Right Methods According :

Your Sex ; Skin Characteristics ; Body To Be Treated

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