Brazilian Bikini Waxing - 3. How To Choose A Salon & Therapist

Choosing the right salon or waxing therapist for you is important to ensure you are comfortable and the treatment is professional and as safe as possible. A bad experience may discourage you from having a brazilian wax in the future and cause you problems from skin infections and ingrown hairs. The following includes a number of factors you should keep in mind when you're looking for.

Try And Go By Recommendation

Not a yellow page referral task, the best way to find out about a good beautician is word of mouth, so ask around locally. It is much easier if the waxer has a lot of experience, a good technique and a soothing and patient manner. Ensure that your beautician is full trained in body waxing by asking whether your beautician has completed accredited waxing courses. If the beautician is unsure and hesitant Brazilian waxing can be very painful indeed. You have to feel comfortable with the therapist because you will be pretty exposed and the therapist has to touch you in some very intimate places to complete the waxing procedure. Ensure your beautician uses high quality wax. Good beauty salons use waxes that contain titanium dioxide, which reduces skin trauma and redness.

How To Choose A Salon For Brazilian Bikini Waxing? Is It Feasible At Home?

Choose A Salon That Specializes In Brazilian

Your chances of a bad Brazilian wax decrease if you choose a salon that specializes in the Brazilian bikini wax. The typical day spa esthetician spends her days between facials, manicures, pedicures and the occasional eyebrow wax or possibly a Brazilian. Once you've chosen the salon, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and ask questions. How many clients have been through their doors? How many repeat and return clients do they have?

Check The Price

Do not pay less than $50 or more than $100 for the brazilian bikini wax.


One important element to finding a good waxing salon is their policies on hygiene and cleanliness. You want to head into a waxing room that is practically sterile in its cleanliness. You should not see wax dripping down the sides of the wax pots or wax stuck to the floor. Check out the wax as well, you definitely do not want a pot of wax which has been used as a hair remover for other people being reused on you especially in the pubic area. Wax should be warm not hot. One big mistake many new waxers make is keeping their wax at too high a temperature and causing burns to the clients.

Check The Privacy In The Salon

Some salons commit the brazilian bikini wax in an open room with a small curtain to separate between you and the rest off the women in the salon. This could be unpleasant if you feel like screaming while getting the painful treatment.

Not Feasible To Do Brazilian Waxing At Home

A brazilian bikini wax should be done by and only by professionals. We do not advise to consider giving your self. You have to be pretty handy with a mirror and a contortionist to boot to even see the excess hair you want to remove. And it takes a whole heap of courage to peel off those strips.

Some people have had success though by having an initial session in a salon and then keeping the area hair free using an epilator. The epliator grips shorter hairs than wax so you can keep the area smoother than with regular visits to the salon.

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