Top 5 Methods Of Body Hair Removal

No.1  Waxing

Waxing is probably the best-known method of body hair removal, as it has been shown in more movies than any other form. Although it is a bit painful, but can last up to 8 weeks. Home waxing kits are widely available at retail stores, drugstores, beauty supply stores and range from $10 and up, salons typically start at $50. However, waxing also has the most potential hazards and lasts just longer than shaving. Just remember to not heat it up so much that it burns you, and to avoid waxing over moles or warts.

No.2   Laser Hair Removal

Laser is an effective means of removal body hair, but is the second most effective. The major potential issue is coloring of the skin, it is no effect on the blond hair or dark skin and risk of temporary skin color change. The result can last for months (up to six months), but this only applies about 29% of the time. Laser treatment is the second least painful (it has been likened to a "rubber band snap"), but is also the second most expensive (average costs is about $400-500) and second longest time to fully apply. However, it lasts months, compared to days and weeks of other methods.

Top 5 Methods Of Body Hair Reduction

No.3  Electrolysis

Electrolysis is probably the most painful and longest procedure of all the listed methods, but is also the most effective. There is also the risk of potential scarring. The reason for this is that an electric needle kills each individual follicle. Unlike the other methods, there are no follicles left behind that can re-grow later, and Electrolysis is pretty much guaranteed to work long-term.

No.4  Depilatories

For those looking for a more painless way, consider depilatories. However, for as much as they are painless, as well as cheap (usually well under twenty dollars), there are the potential issues of chemical burning and allergic reactions. Avoid re-applying the depilatory within a few hours to avoid chemical burns, and apply to a small area (such as the wrist) to check for potential allergic reactions. As a removing body hair method, they only work for a few days, making even shaving a better option.

No.5  Shaving

Remove body hair by shaving is ill advised. The hair will grow back faster, thicker and will generally be itchy. More permanent means, even waxing, should be considered before just shaving. If you decide on shaving, opt for just shaving close (using clippers) in those sensitive areas for comfort reasons. Also, use a hair-removing lotion and a sharp razor to maximize removal and minimize discomfort. And don't forget a cooling lotion.

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