Bleaching Hair Removal

Hair bleaching is not really a hair removal technique, it does not remove the hair but it is used to disguise the hair against the skin by making it appear much lighter so it is harder to see. It is especially useful for areas that already have thin but dark and therefore noticeable hair like the arms, face or neck. The effect of bleaching typically lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks. Bleaching is not advisable for people with a dark tan or naturally dark skin, bleached hair will stand out against this background.

Bleaching is a painless process and is preferred by many women who have sensitive skin and cannot bear the pain of waxing or the rashes caused by other temporary hair removing methods. Many chemical, natural and herbal products are available for this process. However, it still may cause reactions with your skin, discoloration, burns etc. as well as the potentially dangerous fumes, especially if you are bleaching the hair on your top lip. So if you are bleaching by yourself, it is important to do a patch test first to look for any side effects and the skin sensitivity, whether the product is chemical, natural or herbal. People with fairer skin need to keep the bleach on for longer. People with dark skin should keep it for a shorter period to match the hair with the dark skin. Keeping it on for longer would make the hair lighter than the skin giving an undesirable appearance.

Patch Test

Bleaching Hair

Test on the back of the knee because in case there is any adverse reaction it is not visible to others.

Chemical Bleach : Apply a consistent layer and wait for the recommended time which is recommended on the box.

Natural Ingredients : Follow the same routine, wait for 15 minutes.

Skin irritation, burning, itching, redness, soreness, blisters, or any other adverse reaction should be checked for. Even if you do not feel any adverse effects immediately, some symptoms could develop slowly. Do not over look any sign of itching or irritation and wait for the next 24 hours after washing.

Make sure not to apply bleaching formulas after a hot bath or in a steamy room, open pores are susceptible to irritation.
Don't use bleaching on skin with cuts or abrasions, and don't use it on sensitive areas.


  • Inexpensive. A bleaching kit which is enough for 8 upper lip bleaching treatments costs about $5
  • It's painless. It does not involve plucking out or pulling of hair.
  • Natural bleaching agents or ingredients can be easily found in the kitchen.
  • No embarrassing stubble to worry about.
  • No ingrown hairs problem.


  • excess hair is not actually removed
  • unsuitable for coarse unwanted hair, it is effective only on thin hair.
  • This method is not recommended for people with dark skin tone. It would look odd to have light hair color on dark skin.
  • Not effective on large areas
  • bleach may irritate the skin and over time change skin texture and/or color.
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