Hair Concealer & Thickening Fiber

Hair Thickening Fiber is highly recommended by the doctor as an alternative for the hair restoration surgery. It is easily applied by shaking the container of colour-matched hair fibers over your thinning area, that stick to your hair and increase its volume and reduce the appearance of baldness, but will in no way assist in the regrowth of natural hair. The hair thickening fibers can be made from different materials ranging from keratin, or synthetic fibres to natural plant fibers. All in all, 43% of consumers gave those products four stars. There are many brand in market :


is made of the plant Gossypium Herbaceum. The least itching but not waterproof.


is made of keratin fibers. It is not water proof and it comes off relatively easy, but it looks natural and it feels natural.


is made of non-toxic natural keratin fibers. You can sleep with it and does not stain.


uses the nanofibres of keratin. But if you want to fix the nanofibers to your hair you have to use the spray.


is waterproof. But you need a fair amount of hair for best results.

Hair Cubed Hair Building Fiber

is waterproof and comes in a spray can. But it has a strong smell.


is made of keratin fibers. For extra stickiness of the fibers, use the X-Fusion Fiberhold Spray.

Hair Concealer & Thickening Fiber

Easy To Use

  1. For optimal results, wash, dry and style your hair
  2. Sprinkle Hair Thickening Fiber over the thinning area until the scalp is no longer visible.
  3. Gently brush or comb the treated area to get the fibers to blend into the rest of your hair.
  4. Apply your favorite hair spray over the applied area and go out confidently to tackle the challenges of your day!