7 Minerals Supplements Prevent Hair Loss - Copper, Manganese, Silica

5. Copper

Healthy tissue concentrations of copper lie between 1.7 and 3.5 milligrams. If you have too little - below 1.7 milligrams, or too much - above 3.5 milligrams, you will experience hair loss.

Copper is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin in the blood, which aids in the oxygenation of red blood cells. Blood circulation carries essential nutrients to the hair follicles to stimulate growth. And Copper is needed for production of melanin, the pigment that gives skin and hair its color. However, the correct ratio of Copper and Zine is vital for hair growth, Copper toxicity and low zinc levels are primary causes of hair fall.

7 Minerals Supplements Prevent Hair Fall - Copper, Manganese, Silica

Foods Highest In Copper

  • The Liver Of Any Animal
  • Oysters
  • Sesame Seeds and Tahini
  • Cocoa Powder and Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Calamari and Lobster
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • Roasted Pumpkin and Squash Seeds
  • Dried Herbs

6. Manganese

Manganese deficiency has been shown that it results in slow growth rate and taking manganese supplements is able to restore hair growth. Manganese activates the enzymes that are responsible for utilising choline, vitamin. On top of this it supports healthy metabolism, helps the body produce thyroxine, controls blood glucose levels, and promotes reproductive health.

Foods Highest In Manganese

  • Cloves and Saffron
  • Wheat Germ and Bran
  • Nuts (Hazelnuts, Pine Nuts, Pecans)
  • Mussels, Oysters, and Clams
  • Cocoa Powder and Dark Chocolate
  • Roasted Pumpkin and Squash Seeds
  • Flax, Sesame Seeds, and Sesame Butter
  • Chili Powder
  • Edamame
  • Sunflower Seeds

7. Silica

Silica translates to collagen by the body and is found in hair, muscles and nails. It is a part of the synthesis of collagen and elastin, Silica builds vascular walls, which helps the blood flow to the hair bulb. Although it will not necessarily stop hair from falling out from the follicle, it will stop hair breakage.

Silica can improve bone density, skin texture and hair, nail, teeth and gum health. People hoping to improve the look of their skin and hair benefit greatly from foods and diets rich in silica.

Foods Highest In Silica

  • Grains (Oats, Barley, Rice, Millet, Wheat)
  • Vegetables (Alfalfa, Lettuce, Spinach, Potatoes, Beets, Turnips)
  • Fruits (Strawberries, Apples, Citrus Fruit)
  • Nuts (Peanuts, Almonds)
  • Red Wine