Aromatherapy Prevent Hair Loss, The Formula Of Essential Oil Blend

Aromatherapy works in perfect harmony with the human body as a whole. Dermatologists at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland gave 43 people, suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder that causes Alopecia Areata, the essential oil blend described following and asked them to rub it into their scalps daily. After seven months, 19 regrew as much as half of their hair, while a few regrew almost all of their hair back. The researchers speculated that it may also help other types of balding, including midlife thinning of men.

The Formula Of Essential Oil Blend

Aromatherapy Improving Hair Regrow, The Formula

1.  Thyme - 2 Drops
2.  Atlas Cedarwood - 2 Drops
3.  Lavender - 3 Drops
4.  Rosemary - 3 Drops
5.  Jojoba Oil
6.  Grapeseed Oil - 4 Teaspoons

Add the first four ingredients into a small glass jar, mix well.
Now add the remaining two ingredients, mix thoroughly.
Massage this mixture into your scalp for at least two minutes every night. Wrap your head in a warm towel after treatment.

The Beneficial Essential Oils For Hair Loss

Bay, Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Jojoba Oil, Lavender, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, Roman Chamomile

Stop Hair Fall : Add 2 Drops Either To The Rinse Water Or A Good Vegetable Oil

Massage it well into the scalp.
Wrap the hair in plastic wrap or place a warm towel around it.
Leave it for 2 to 3 hours, or overnight.
Shampoo the hair as usual, using a mild shampoo, avoid medicated shampoo.

Stimulating Circulation, Improving Hair Health

If you're not experiencing baldness yet, but your hair doesn't look healthy, you may want to try the following blend:

1. A blend of Bay and Lavender Oils stimulates the scalp and helps hair health.

2. Add six drops of each oil to four ounces of a warm carrier oil such as Almond, Soybean or Sesame Oil.
    Massage the mixture into the scalp and allow it to absorb for 20 minutes.

3. Add three drops of Bay Oil to the shampoo you regularly uses and wash the hair with this shampoo.

Caution :

Avoid rosemary oil if you have high blood pressure.
Keep lemon and grapefruit doses low if you have sensitive skin, as they may be slightly irritating.