Guidebook For Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Loss

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is one of the most sought in Europe and USA as an effective treatment for most forms of hair loss now. The working principle is that the laser imitate the red light in sunlight, the blood circulation in the hair follicles increases, added nutrition is then brought into the hair follicle and then stimulates growth within it. Some people who use it report that they have a nice results as people's hair will grow quicker during the summer than it does in the winter. However, some people think that it is not valid.

In January of 2007, the FDA approved the Laser Comb to re-grow hair, however, it was only approved for safety, apparently it was unclear to what extend the FDA reviewed or cleared it based on its effectiveness in treating hair fall, and it is a medical device that cannot be used in a salon. Currently, over-the-counter LLLT devices for hair growth are available through convenient hands-free systems, or less convenient hand-held devices. Either product may be used at home, and does not require the supervision of a physician. Now, let us review the therapy fully.

The Average Costs In 2015. How Does LLLT Work? How Much & How Often Treatment Is Needed?

Average Costs Of LLLT

$80 (£45) / Per Session
Usually at least 25 sessions will be needed and frequency of treatment is once a week. However practitioner normally recommend a 6 months treatment program for best results.

The Effectiveness. What Can I Expect? How Do I Know LLLT Is Working For Me?

How Do I Know LLLT Is Working For Me?

Over 40% noticed improvements in their hair within 6 weeks of starting treatment, and more than 90% of users can achieve some positive benefits with an average regrowth rate of 19 hairs per centimeter. However, this process is lengthy, some patients may require a 6 - 12 months program.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Are You A Good Candidate?

1. Hair Follicles Not Dead
2. Early Stages Of Hair Loss For 1-5 Years
3. Bald Area Is Less Than 4 Inches And The Area Has Lots Of Tiny Hairs

8 Advantages Of LLLT

8 Advantages Of LLLT

1. Regrow Hair, Maintains The Appearance Of The Hair In 85%-93%
2. Works For All Types Of Hair Fall And Scalp Conditions
3. Increases The Blood Supply

The Safety Of LLLT. Does It Have Any Risks? Is It Painful?

The Safety Of LLLT

LLLT is safe, it meets all international safety standards of a non-significant risk product, and is classified as a Class IIIA cosmetic laser. The LLLT is no risk of any kind of burning to the scalp or any risk of skin cancer. The lasers are cold lasers and the lasers are used need less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.

The LLLT Clinics Machines Or Home Devices

The LLLT Machines

The Revage 670 System (Moving Diodes)
Sunetics Model "G" Clinical Laser System
Luce System
HairMax LaserComb At-home
iGrow At-home
Capillus 272 Laser Cap At-home