Are You A Good Candidate For Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Loss?

In general, any man or women who wishes to treat thinning, shedding, or balding with a non-surgical hair restoration procedure is a candidate for Low Level Laser Therapy. However, the ten cases of the following are the best candidate :

1. Hair Follicles Not Dead

Low level laser therapy works by unclogging the hair follicles of DHT or any other blockages that prevents the hair from growing. It will also regenerate the scalp by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the area, stimulating the growth of hairs. Therefore, in order for this treatment to work, it needs hair follicles to work with. Whatever your sex, race or skin color, LLLT can be effective as long as there are living hair follicles in the area to be treated. If the hair follicles are dead and you are completely bald then you are not a good candidate.

2. Early Stages Of Hair Loss For 1-5 Years

Thinning areas where the existing hair is still too close together to warrant an incision between the existing hairs.
▫ Less Than 3 Years : You will receive very strong results.
▫ 3-5 Years : You may see good results, but it will take over a year and should be used in conjunction with other treatments.
▫ Over 5 Years : LLLT will not be of any benefit to you.

Are You A Good Candidate For Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Shedding?

3. Bald Area Is Less Than 4 Inches And The Area Has Lots Of Tiny Hairs

Physicians have found that LLLT is most effective in persons with minimal to moderate hair fall.

4. Hereditary Male Or Female Pattern Loss

Physicians agree that LLLT is a highly viable option for growing hair in those afflicted with androgenetic alopecia-inherited male pattern alopecia.

5. Women Who Are Experiencing A General Thinning

Since pattern baldness appears in a more evenly distributed and diffused manner among female patients, LLLT is most popular because they discretely and conveniently cover the entire top and sides of the scalp.

6. Conjunction With Propecia, Rogaine

In these cases, LLLT exposure nurtures cellular proliferation via phototherapy to maximize natural results.

7. After Hair Transplants

LLLT can also be a great help for those who have undergone hair transplants to enable them to maintain their hair and avoid recurrence of hair loss as well as shorten its healing period.

8. Alopecia Due To Stress, or Hormonal Changes

9. Alopecia Due To Some Disease Or Medications Like Alopecia Areata, Chemotherapy, Anorexia, Trichotillomania