8 Advantages Of Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Loss

1. Regrow Hair, Maintains The Appearance Of The Hair In 85%-93%

The studies reveal that 90% of the people that receive LLLT show signs of reduced hair shedding or hair regrowth after 6 to 12 weeks and slight differences could even be seen after 12 weeks.

2. Works For All Types Of Hair Loss And Scalp Conditions

The effective in both men and women and the treatment is success in all ages, including: Male or Female Pattern, Chemical Damage, Eczema, Seborrhea, Hormonal Changes, Medications, Diet and Stress.

8 Advantages Of Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Fall

3. Increases The Blood Supply

The LLLT increases the blood supply to the scalp area by as much as 54% in just one treatment. This allows hair follicles to absorb more nutrients so it will increased hair strength and elasticity, prevent too much hair fall and giving beautiful hair which is shiny, soft as well as thick and better manageable.


4. Improve DHT Inhibitor Results

Studies have shown that DHT inhibitors work better combined with LLLT treatments. For more effective, those oral or topical hair loss products must be absorbed by hair follicles. Laser treatments significantly increase the amount of oral DHT inhibitor that reach the hair follicles due to the increased blood flow achieved from the treatments, minimizing the build-up of DHT.

5. Help Newly Transplant Hair To Thrive

Studies have shown that LLLT can help newly transplanted hair to thrive and increases the healing process.

6. LLLT Is Non-invasive Method, No Surgery

7. No Medications, No Unpleasant Odors Associated With Chemical Services

8. LLLT Has Been Medically Tested To Be Both Safe And Effective. It Is Classified As A Class IIIA Cosmetic Laser.