Appearance Of Hair Loss And Possible Etiologies

Pattem Female - Central thinning
Male - "M" shaped thinning, temples / crown
Androgenetic Alopecia
"Moth-eaten" appearance Syphilis
Bizarre, incomplete thinning, with stubble Trichotillomania
Diffuse Scalp and Body Alopecia Universalis
Scalp Only 50% Telogen Phase Telogen Effluvium
70% to 80% Telogen Phase Advanced Telogen Effluvium
Toxic Exposure
Metabolic Derangements
Exclamation-point Hairs Alopecia Areata
Focal Patchy, exclamation-point hairs Alopecia Areata
Scalp bogginess, fragile / easily broken hairs Tinea Capitis
Patchy, incomplete thinning, with stubble Trichotillomania
Frontal / temporal, high-tension hairstyle
Cellulitis, folliculitis
Traction Alopecia