6 Ways To Testing The Degree Of Hair Loss By Yourself


3. Savin-Density

The scale for measuring hair density.
The following diagrams are based on the Savin Density Scale. This scale measures the density of hairs on the scalp.

Savin Density 1 Savin Density 2 Savin Density 3 Savin Density 4 Savin Density 5 Savin Density 6

4. Savin-Frontal

The scale measuring frontal hair fall specifically.
The following diagrams depict typical patterns of loss along the frontal hairline and temples.

Savin Frontal 1 Savin Frontal 2 Savin Frontal 3 Savin Frontal 4 Savin Frontal 5 Savin Frontal 6

5. Savin Mid Pattern

The scale measuring hair fall at the mid-top portion of the scalp.
The following diagrams depict alopecia at the top/middle of the scalp.

Savin Mid Pattern 1 Savin Mid Pattern 2 Savin Mid Pattern 3 Savin Mid Pattern 4 Savin Mid Pattern 5

6. Savin-Vertex

The scale measuring only rear pattern loss at the vertex.
The following diagrams are depict the most common and early form of male pattern hair loss, vertex balding.

Savin Vertex 1 Savin Vertex 2 Savin Vertex 3 Savin Vertex 4 Savin Vertex 5 Savin Vertex 6 Savin Vertex 7