Diseases And Hair Loss

There are a variety of diseases that will cause hair loss. Skin disease is the first major cause, additionally, diseases such as Lupus, Cancer, Diabetes can also lead to alopecia. Now we come to talk about the relationship between diseases and hair fall.

Systemic / Chronic Illness


Medication Exposure Or Serious Illness Within Previous 3-4 Months

Diseases And Alopecia

Psychiatric Stress or Life-threatening Psychologic Stress


Signs And Symptoms Of Hormonal Abnormalities


Infection (Systemic or Local)


Tight Braids or Pulled-back Hairstyle
Over time, certain hairstyles and hair extensions can traumatize follicles and lead to permanent bald spots in the scalp.


Psychiatric Disorder


Appearance Of Hair Loss And Possible Etiologies

Female, Central thinning ; Male, "M" shaped thinning, temples / crown --- Androgenetic Alopecia
"Moth-eaten" appearance --- Syphilis
Bizarre, incomplete thinning, with stubble --- Trichotillomania ...