Popular Pubic Hair Styles

1. American Style (Bikini Line, Basic Bikini)

It also known as Bikini Line or Basic Bikini. Removes the hair about 2-3 inches outside of a traditional panty line. The hair at the top of the thighs and under your belly-button is also generally removed. It is a good option for first bikini wax.

2. Brazilian Style

Probably Brazilian is predominantly the most popular form that is done by woman of all ages and it looks sexy and is easy to groom. Recent pulls has shown that it is also the most preferred by the men. The Brazilian style including :

Full Bikini :

It offers a bit more hair removal than a Basic Bikini. Removes the hair about 2-3 inches outside of a traditional panty line and inside the panty line on the sides. And it's possible to trim the hair of triangle area to keep it short.

Full Brazilian (Hollywood, Sphynx) :

All hair is removed, including the front, the labia section and the peri-anal area.

Brazilian :

A modified of Full Brazilian, just leaving a triangle or a strip of hair about ¼ of an inch in front.

French (Playboy, G-Waxing) :

A modified of Brazilian,leaving a vertical strip in front and it doesn't take hair off from the back.

The Pubic Hair Style - Brazilian (Hollywood, Playboy)


Brazilian Waxing is usually done at a salon. It is very pain, but it's also fairly brief. Waxing usually hurts more to have the hair on your pubis removed than the hair near your vagina, so be prepared for that. Your hairlessness should last for up to four weeks, at which point you can go back in for another round of waxing. Strongly recommend taking an advil or ibuprofen an hour before your waxing. Also, do not go the week before your period because your pain threshold is less.

Costs :

It's pricey and expect it to cost anywhere from £50 ($80) per session.


Brazilian shaving needs to be done very carefully and with a sharp razor, scissors or an electric shaver. Once you start to shave your hair this way, you will have to keep shaving in order to avoid painful stubble and you need to remember that pubic hairs are much coarser. Shaving is virtually painless, but you can expect to have that dreaded itch from the stubble of regrowth. The skin will not be as smooth as when it is waxed, and results may only last a few days.

Costs :

It's cheap.

Depilatory Creams

We do not recommend it for a Brazilian. Depilatory creams can irritate the sensitive skin of the vagina and around the anus. Allergic reactions aren't uncommon even it can burn to the inner labia, vulva.

Laser Hair Removal

On the whole, laser for Brazilian is a good option. For visibly permanent results, 4-8 treatments are necessary. However, it's only about 10-15% of hairs are greatly reduced every appointment and you can't wax while you do it. It's meaning that you'll be shaving down there for about a year.

Costs :

It's cheaper than Brazilian Waxing in the long run.
An average cost of laser hair removal for Brazilian is about £200 ($300) and a full series of sessions is about £1,300 ($2,000) for permanent results. A Brazilian wax tops out around £50 ($80). £1,300 ($2,000) of laser for permanent results equals about three years of waxing every six weeks.

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