Proactiv Acne Treatment

Proactiv Solution was developed in 1995 by two Stanford University trained dermatologists for bad and severe acne. It is a three-step and formulate to work as a combination therapy for acne treatment. For this well known and widely used acne treatment system, a five star rating would only work. The users swear by this system's effectiveness and recommend it highly.

The system is available in both a special 30 day trial sized kit and a full sized 60 day supply. The three steps are as follows :

Proactiv Acne Treatment

1. Renewing Cleanser - Kills The Bacteria

The cleanser has Benzoyl Peroxide as the active ingredient. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells, allowing benzoyl peroxide to penetrate in to pores and kills the bacteria residing there.

2. Revitalizing Toner - Remove The Dead Skin Cells

The toner helps further open the pores and remove the rest of the dead skin cells and removing pore-clogging impurities. It will also help in the removal of excess oil that usually forms on skins prone to acne eruptions.

3. Repairing Lotion - Protect The Skin Against Future Breakouts

The Repairing Lotion also contains benzoyl peroxide. A comparatively smaller dose of it is applied, and then not rinsed off but rather allowed to dry, in order to suppress bacteria buildup. Repairing Lotion hydrates skin while penetrating deep in to pores to stop acne-causing bacteria at the source itself.

The Effectiveness

Proactiv Acne Solution is now one of the top selling acne treatments in America. Celebrities such as Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Stephanie Seymour and Elle MacPherson have all given it the superstar tick but unlike other celebrity endorsed products it does have the medical brains behind the beauty. Proactiv acne treatment works on the concept of treating the whole face rather than working on individual blemishes. The ingredients in Proactiv treatment to acne have been shown :

  • Proactiv help scavenge and eliminate toxins, free radicals and trapped sebum within the skin.
  • Proactiv help rebalance skin pH, helping it to be less susceptible to infections.
  • Proactiv help improve circulation and the flow of nutrients to the skin.
  • Proactiv help protect against pollutants and toxins that cause acne.
  • Proactiv help soothe and moisturize skin for a clean and healthy glow.

However, Proactiv Can Only Be A Temporary Solution.

It's not that the products would be bad. It's the fact that they approach the problem from the wrong end. Let's take a brief example. Let's say that you are in an unfortunate situation and find that your car is dirtied by bird droppings every morning. You naturally want to keep your car clean and wash it every day. However, even if you would be using the best soap in the market it wouldn't keep your car clean. Why? Because the soap does nothing to the fact that you park your car every evening under a tree that is full of well-fed birds. This same principle also applies to your skin. Proactiv (soap) can only do so much because dirt keeps dropping in. Once you understand what really causes acne you'll see why Proactiv can't be 'the answer for acne'.

The Users Reviews

Like most acne treatments Proactiv gets a mixed feedback. It seems that about 60% of the reviews are on the positive side (Note: mildly positive is also positive) while the rest would advice you to stay away from Proactiv. The average user rating is something like this :

  • Mild to moderate acne
  • Acne reduces / clears completely within the first few weeks
  • Skin becomes itchy, dry and red
  • Acne breakouts continue a week or two after the use of Proactiv is stopped

Note that that is just the 'average' user feedback. There are people that get no results or that report that Proactiv actually makes their acne much worse. Also some users say that Proactiv is fantastic, it completely clears their skin and has no side-effects.

Proactiv Acne Treatment

Side Effects

Most people report that Proactiv irritates their skin. This is due to benzoyl peroxide, alcohol and other harsh chemicals in Proactiv. Especially if you have a sensitive skin, you can expect some of the following symptoms :

1. Itchy Skin
2. Skin Goes Red
3. Dry And Flaky Skin

Though it seems that many of the above mentioned symptoms are caused by the Revitalizing Toner step in Proactiv System. If you are concerned try using the toner only in the evening.

Also anything you apply on your skin will go through it burden the liver - which ends up aggravating your acne even more. Contradictory what most people think the skin is quite porous and many substances pass through it easily. Or how do you think that nicotine patches work? So I would really think twice before applying dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals on my skin.

Proactiv And Pregnancy

Acne is a skin condition which makes skin look bad and even pregnant women don't want to live with it. But, Proactiv treatment should be avoided during your pregnancy because, it can lead to side effects that may create complications for the baby in the womb. These medicines are very strong and may harm the unborn child. Of the formula, Accutane is worst affecting medicine. There are many adverse effects including serious birth defects. Even, there are many psychological problems that can lead to depression in the patient. Though Benzoyl peroxide and Retin-A don't have many side effects, yet it is advised to stay away from these drugs during pregnancy.